Our Services

Free Testing and Fitting

Atom Batteries has specialized testing equipment and the staff are able to accurately test all automotive, truck, marine and deep cycle batteries. In addition, alternator checks will ensure that the battery is being given the correct charge rate.


Battery Registration

Many modern vehicles are now fitted with a battery management system (BMS) that controls the recharging of the battery to provide a long service life. Many of the vehicles fitted with a BMS require the battery to be registered when installed. This applies to a vast range of European vehicles and also includes the Ford Ranger, from November 2011.

Atom Batteries has invested in the scan tool (iMAT service tool) which is used for this process of battery registration.


Technical Advice

The experienced staff at Atom Batteries have a strong customer focus and will ensure that sound technical advice is given to all battery related questions. The staff will go the “extra mile” to exceed customer expectations wherever possible.


Battery Recycling

Atom Batteries encourages the safe and environmentally responsible disposal of used or dead batteries.  To this end the company accepts all Used Lead Acid Batteries (ULAB) to ensure that they are recycled responsibly.

We also a participant in the “Mobile Muster” program and will accept your old mobile phone for recycling.